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Hello and welcome back <3


We are preparing to re-open on the 12th April and cant wait to see all you beautiful souls again.


These months have been hard on all of us, putting one foot in front of the other we can restart the world again together.


What better way to re-enter society than adorning yourself with a stunning new piercing or piece of jewellery.





To all our wonderful clients:

We have decided to take steps to help prevent the spread of the virus and voluntarily close.

This was not a decision taken lightly, we wish to protect ourselves, our loved ones and you.

As it stands we will maintain closure till Saturday the 28th, unless the nation is put on lock down.


  • If you had an appointment with us during this time, we will happily see you again when things settle.
  • Any clients due a check up or having any problems with their piercing, please message us on social media where will will still happily assist you.
  • If you were due to downsize the post on your piercing, remember not to sleep against the jewellery and continue with the original aftercare given until you can attend the studio.


All jewellery orders are still in production, however some of our manufacturers are currently on lock down and unable to produce, so things will still go ahead they will just take a little longer.

Stay cleam, stay safe and as we have told you for over a decade now: DON’T FCUKING TOUCH IT

Please watch this space for updates



Its that time of year again when we close for a few days to be part of the annual UKAPP conference

This is a professional piercing conference running since 2015 by the non-profit health and safety organisation

As you may already know our senior piercier Nici is the founding member of this organisation, working towards higher industry standards across the UK

We will be closing early, 3pm on Saturday the 5th October and returning to regular opening hours on Thursday the 10th October


Its been a while since we had a competition and we are looking to learn how to improve our services to you, 
We are giving away 10 prizes…
including a FREE PIERCING service
3 pairs of NAGA Body Jewelry hand made plugs
To enter you need to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram, then complete a questionnaire. Please be thorough and honest with the questionnaire, we can only improve your feedback 🙂



It gives us great pleasure to announce that we are attending the annual UKAPP educational piercing conference, held in September.

This provides us a fantastic learning opportunity but unfortunately  means we will closing early, 4pm, on Saturday 16th and closed on the Monday 18th September.

We will be returning to normal on Wednesday 20th all bright eyed and bushy tailed and with heads filled with knowledge and pockets full of new shiny jewellery!


CLOSING EARLY 4pm Saturday 16th Sept

CLOSED Monday 18th Sept



Its that time of year again when we take the opportunity to expand out knowledge.

This year I have the pleasure in announcing that I won the AD Scholarship to the APP conference in Vegas where I will be representing the UK piercing industry for the UKAPP13592813_1254713047874779_3450645977338330434_n

Not only will there be amazing piercer networking opportunities and a wonderful chance to learn at dedicated seminars but also a huge amount of jewellery to invest in for the store. So expect lots of photos soon of new stock!

So, there will be away from the studio: Monday 18th July – Thursday 4th August


Our age of consent for a nipple piercing is 18 years or over


Please keep in mind that these age requirements are specific to Blue Lotus Body Piercing and our years of experience have dictated these moral/ethical decisions. We are constantly trying to improve our standards and are now working in line with the standards set by the Association of Professional Piercers.

We are asked constantly for under this age, however we have many reasons that contribute to our decision:

  • We would turn away so many that were not yet developed enough (Our bodies are still physically maturing until the age of 21 with huge changed around the age 14 – 16)
  • At a younger age there are higher chances of healing issues and complications.
  • At a younger age these issues are more likely to have departmental effects that effect the client as an adult.
  • Problems such as rejection and migration are exaggerated when we are younger.
  • The invasive and personal nature of the experience.

Any good studio is going to ask you for ID if you look under 21. Yes, it sucks, but we can get in a lot of trouble for just guessing. We only take originals, no copies, photographs of passports etc

We will not accept a parent or guardian as proof of age, you have to show your own ID.

  • UK Passport. Expired passports are fine as long as you can tell it is you or you bring in other I.D to link the information
  • CitizenCard. (available from
  • ValidateUK Card. (available from
  • UK Driving License or Provisional.

We consider that under no circumstances is it acceptable or appropriate for a piercer to perform piercing on the nipples or genitals of an individual under 18 years of age.



If you don’t already know that internally threaded or press-fit jewellery is the best choice for your initial piercing you’ve possibly had your head buried in the sand or been on a long holiday to the moon. Big organizations like the Association of Professional Piercers [APP] and companies like Anatometal Inc shout about it all the time because they take great pride in the quality of the body jewellery they promote and produce.

But do you know why?screwed for web.jpg.opt409x529o0,0s409x529

Having internally threaded or press-fit jewellery inserted in a fresh piercing is much more comfortable due to the smooth surface compared to the ridged surface of externally threaded pieces.
But this is not the only benefit: bacteria can live inside the teeny threading crevices which wrap around the ends of external jewellery. Which in turn come in direct contact with the piercing.
New piercings are susceptible to irritation and infection which can cause a whole range of problems and using externally threaded jewellery unfortunately vastly increases that risk.

We have always used the very best of titanium. But now we are also using the very best of threading too.

The comfort of your body jewelry should be high on your priority list, but your health should certainly be at the top. Using internally threaded jewellery with initial piercings greatly increases your chance of healing quickly and issue free. Internally threaded jewellery does cost a little more, but that is because it is more difficult to manufacture. It is more often made from greater quality materials and truly: when it really comes down to it, can you put a price on your health?


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