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Working from home is not easy as a body piercer but we do have so much wonderful jewellery and we know you are itching to modify your piercings at home.

We have a full kit that arrives with each order – picture and written instructions on how to change your jewellery, cleaning and lubrication. Plus comprehensive details on what you have purchased.

Our Services

All of our procedures, treatments and the suppliers we work with are tried and trusted.  We operate excellent independently audited facilities which are heavily regulated either by the  local EHO and the UKAPP and our procedures are carried out in our fully registered studios.   We maintain extremely high standards of training which ensure we offer the best quality of professionalism and care throughout your journey with us.
Our aftercare policy is in place to ensure our clients receive the best care following their piercing.

Anatometal titanium front facing circular barbell 1.6mm – 14g


Sold as circular post only

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Anatometal titanium curved barbell


Sold as a post only

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Neilmed aftercare spray


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Anatometal titanium barbell


Sold as a post only

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A Perfect Fit

There is no ‘one size fits all’ we are all unique. We specialise in fitting your jewellery perfectly to your individual anatomy.

Unique concepts

Piercings help us retain our individuality, we can help you with custom ear curation and projects.

Forward Fashion

Proud to provide you with the world’s leading manufacturers of body jewellery. Our stock is constantly being renewed and updated.