How the various pieces of jewellery work

We advise only switching your jewellery when your piercing is completely healed or after guidance from the Blue Lotus team. Some piercings can close up or become aggravated if not changed over properly so it’s important to be patient with your piercing and only change when ready.
Wash your hands before touching your piercing.
Clean the jewellery with antibacterial soap or alcohol .
Wrap the jewellery in tissue or wear examination gloves if you struggle with grip.
Use a personal lubricant to help slide new jewellery through without irritation.
Ensure your jewellery is tightened properly after each change.

Each ball is threaded (screwed) together. Holding each side firmly and turning to the left will loosen the ball from the shaft.

It can help to hold each ball with a piece of dry tissue or gauze, as often the problem removing this is with that of good grip.

Most commonly found in: Nipple, Bridge, Industrial and Tongue.

One side is a fixed flat disk and the attachment is either threaded (screwed) together or has a push pin style top.

The threaded style will unscrew when twisted to the left and tighten when twisted to the right. Push pin (threadless) styles have a slightly bent pin that slides in and out 

of the labret shaft. Meaning to remove it to hold each side and pull them apart. To tighten, you would squeeze the front and back together.

These will be one of a few potential closure methods.
Ball closure rings have a bead that ‘pops’ in between the ring. To remove hold the ring firmly and pull the bead from within it.
Seam rings are almost complete rings with a tiny gap, which is torched (twisted) to open and close it.
The last style is a segmented ring, where a small segment of the ring is hinged and clips open or closed to complete the circle.
It is not always possible to open ball closure or seam styles of rings if you don’t have good hand strength.

Retainers come in many different forms due to the many different placement needs. Some are designed for longer wear while others are only to be worn for a tempoary time.

Your needs will be assessed and then the appropriate jewellery chosen with you. If you like we can teach you how to change this over yourself.

Only the attachment is designed to be removed or switched to another option. The disk you see outside the piercing on the surface of the skin screws left to loosen and right to tighten.

As with the barbell each ball or disk is threaded (screwed) together. Holding each side firmly and turning to the left will loosen the ball from the shaft.

When the centre bar is flat (as in image) the post itself is not supposed to be removed unless i t is no longer wanted.