Base/SERVICE cost includes implant grade titanium jewellery

Here at Blue Lotus we aim to give you the piercing of your dreams and to help us do this we have an extensive selection of jewellery, ranging from high polished titanium to diamond, gold, emeralds and much more. So its not possible to give one single price for any piercing. As the cost of the jewellery could effect the total cost of your experience.

Our jewellery selection changes often so please feel free to come and browse any time.

On average the piercing service can range between £40 and £70 Jewellery changes start at £10

The service costs includes:

  • Extensive appointment time, average 30 minutes
  • Installation from a highly experienced professional piercer
  • Private and comfortable enclosed piercing room
  • Lifelong piercing care and assistance
  • Free anodization
  • In appointment consultation
  • Free high polished implant grade titanium
  • Extensive and personalised aftercare advice, tailored to your lifestyle
  • Free check up services

Additional jewellery options can range from £20 to over £300 with plenty of options between, so when booking in consider that you may be looking at our mouth watering array of little pretties for a while before being pierced!