Under anti-discrimination laws, businesses can refuse service to any person for any reason, unless the business is discriminating against a protected class. At the national level, protected classes include: Race or colour. National origin or citizenship status. We are by nature: a very inclusive team.
However we will not tolerate:

  • Disruptive behaviour
  • Legal requirements 
  • Safety reasons
  • Intoxication 

We will not discriminate, refuse entry or service to someone legally accompanied by a working guide, hearing or assistance dog, even though we generally don’t allow customers to bring animals into the premises.


While there are no specific age limits in the UK for your average body piercing, the more ethical body piercing practice will have age limits in place. The reason for the most part is concerns on how your body continues to grow, as well as concerns over healing and scarring. The ages we request in our practice have been based on a mixture of professional experience and law. The age requirement we set is non-disputable. 


Lobe piercings.  Cartilage piercings (anatomy dependent) 
– Requiring a parent or legal guardian present both client and guardian presenting valid ID


Lobe piercings, Cartilage piercings, Facial piercings (excluding Tongue/Dahlias/Cheeks) & Navel piercings Not including Surface or Surface Dermals.
– Requiring a parent or legal guardian present both client and guardian presenting valid ID


All piercings
– Requiring valid ID

We will not pierce under 14 years old

As body piercing is an elective procedure, meaning you are choosing to undertake deliberate damage to your person for cosmetic reasons: we will not carry out any service that will require injury during the stages of pregnancy or breastfeeding.

We require clients to have ceased breastfeeding for a minimum of 3 months before receiving a new piercing.

We will however happily change jewellery in an existing piercing. An exception would be if the piercing was causing harm.


We strongly recommend not healing more than 3 piercings at any time. So if you have no currently healing piercings, you can get 3 new ones. In one appointment, if you like.


Having multiple areas of your body healing at once can cause issues, we suggest keeping healing things grouped together. If you r not sure now close is close enough, just ask.


No problem, we understand that life gets in the way and sometimes we just aren’t able to make our appointments. If you’re booked in but can no longer make your appointment just let us know as soon as possible. The latest you can let us know beforehand is 4 hours before and we can reschedule and move your deposit/jewellery to your new appointment date.


Not showing to your appointment will result in a £15 penalty being added to your account.


If ever you feel the service we offer was not what you hoped for in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact a team member.
Any faulty jewellery returned with proof of purchase will be exchanged or refunded immediately

Attachment / loss after studio insertion (OWN JEWELLERY)
No refund or replacement will be given on none studio purchased jewellery

Attachment / loss after studio insertion (BLUE LOTUS JEWELLERY)
Under a period of 10 days any jewellery attachment loss will be replaced or otherwise exchanged with proof of purchase. Past this period the correct tightness should be maintained by the client and is no longer the responsibility of the studio


Ohh never has a more true statement been made! – but with relevance to body piercing: Some of us simply do not have the anatomy for every piercing that is possible. Ears in particular are as unique as the persons they encircle. If we cannot offer to pierce you safely and with good chances of healing well – we simply will not commit to the service with you. However, we will offer advice for an alternative or something that can offer similar results.