The United Kingdom’s Association of professional piercer’s

UKAPP is a non-profit, voluntary organisation dedicated to spreading knowledge of safe piercing practices, up to date education for both industry professionals and the public and offer piercers the chance to become a member by upholding the highest standards in their working environments.


Ever since first learning to pierce, I’d been given an APP manual to study and therefore heard of this non-profit association doing this amazing educational and safety work across the seas. Naturally, I aspired to become a member. Blue Lotus achieved this in 2015 and is proud to be the first UK member in nearly 20 years!
Needless to say, founding the UKAPP had always been a priority for me. The standards created by the local health authorities in the UK are at best sub-standard. Not through any fault, simply this is a vast industry with a huge amount of technical information required. Piercing had been escalating in popularity for some time and higher standards needed to be set.
                                                                                                   ~ N Holmes


We have been approved and licensed by the local authorities since the day we opened. Our studio standards are so beyond what is required that our environment has been used by the council to demonstrate to junior inspectors the standards that can be achieved in a studio and of course as we should be; we are fully insured. For a safe and professional experience with help and support thought your healing look no further.

Est 1994 The Association of Professional Piercers (APP) is an international health and safety organisation. It is a nonprofit voluntary alliance dedicated to the dissemination of information about body piercing. Governed by a voluntary elected Board of Directors, the APP is a united group of piercing professionals that freely shares information to help fellow members, piercers, health care professionals, legislators, health inspectors, and the general public get the best and most up-to-date information about body piercing.