Piercings and jewellery changes require an appointment 100% of the time as we can get busy – its best to check ahead.

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We have implemented many changes to allow for better distancing during your experience with us. To read more about this please read here:

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    Before being pierced:

    We would always want to ensure you are making an informed decision when it comes to being pierced and have allowed for the healing process in your lifestyle.

    Drink plenty of water and sleep well.

    Avoid drugs and alcohol on the lead up to your new piercing and in the initial healing process.

    Don’t get pierced if you are poorly, you wont heal well, it may hurt more and you may spread your illness.

    If you have medical conditions which requires a doctor’s note before being pierced, or suspect so: please call the studio ahead of time to verify whether your condition requires a GP’s authorization. 

    If you are on any regular medications, you might consider asking your doctor ahead of time.

    Check to ensure you have your valid ID, driver’s license, or passport. If you’re not sure if the identification you have is acceptable, you can always read more about it in our I.D policies

    Once we have seen your I.D you do not need to bring it with you to every appointment.

    Consider any holidays you have planned in the initial healing time, you may wish to postpone till you return.

    It may not be possible to wear makeup or headphones during your initial healing.

    What to expect during your piercing experience

    • Please prepare to have your hair tied or clip it back ready.
    • Makeup may be removed from around the site to be pierced, it’s important not to reply until your piercer has seen you at your check up.
    • Eat something before calling in. A good healthy balanced meal will put you in the best place to feel well.
    • The area around your new piercing might be difficult to shave for a while after it’s been pierced. It might be helpful to ensure its clean shaven beforehand.
    • During and after being pierced, it’s important to wear comfortable clothes with no seams or hem lines pushing against the piercing site.
    • It might seem to go without saying, but please make sure you shower or bathe beforehand. Also, if you’re preparing for an oral piercing don’t forget to brush your teeth too please.
    • We will not pierce anyone under the influence. It’s actually illegal. Even the smell of one beer could get you turned away.

    Immediately after your piercing experience

    • You will be given both verbal and written aftercare to follow closely.
    • Consider investing in our aftercare solution, homemade aftercare is often adequate and relies heavily on consistency. Our sterile solution NeilMed wound wash is safer, easier, portable and convenient. Plus at only £7 very affordable.
    • We request that you attend a check-up appointment to ensure your piercing is healing well and assist in any jewellery changes necessary. 
    • Don’t be afraid to call back at anytime if you are experiencing difficulty, we all experience the odd hiccup and its nothing we haven’t seen before.

    Read our aftercare information if you are unsure about whether or not you can currently care for your new piercing.
    Piercings are pretty straight forward, but not everyone is experiencing the best life circumstances to take care of a healing adornment.

    Read piercing aftercare here