Going on holiday soon?

While a holiday is a wonderful thing, it may not be the ideal time to get a new piercing. Sun sea sand and fun don’t often mix well with an open wound. Small though it is.


  • A break from your regular routine of life can offer some a wonderful opportunity to be more careful and allow a piercing to heal.
  • Increased blood flow can actively encourage successful healing.
  • Looser clothing can be easier to manage, avoiding snag’s and pulls that slow or irritate the healing.


  • Going on vacation weather home or abroad can interrupt the healing process and leave you in a position where help isn’t available.

  • Sweating, sun cream, pools and saunas are a few commonplace summertime irritants to piercings and may even cause infection.

  • Wearing hair loose increases your chances of getting a new facial or ear piercing caught.

Planning a trip?

How would you manage following these care instructions while trying to enjoy your vacation?

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Piercings like to be left alone during their initial healing period (varying with each body location and individual circumstances) 
Sleeping in a new bed, swimming, applying suntan lotions, playing sports, eating or drinking differently, being more mobile with hobbies….. All these fun activities would be problematic for a new piercing.

Staying home……

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Whenever you decide to be pierced, our team will always be with you every step of the way. Home or abroad, we are only ever a message or call away. Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us 🙂