the left shows the quality of finish that comes from Anatometal jewellery as apposed to other pieces on offer

If you don’t already know that internally threaded or press-fit jewellery is the best choice for your initial piercing you’ve possibly had your head buried in the sand or been on a long holiday to the moon. Big organizations like the Association of Professional Piercers [APP] and companies like Anatometal Inc shout about it all the time because they take great pride in the quality of the body jewellery they promote and produce.

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Having internally threaded or press-fit jewellery inserted in a fresh piercing is much more comfortable due to the smooth surface compared to the ridged surface of externally threaded pieces.
But this is not the only benefit: bacteria can live inside the teeny threading crevices which wrap around the ends of external jewellery. Which in turn come in direct contact with the piercing.
New piercings are susceptible to irritation and infection which can cause a whole range of problems and using externally threaded jewellery unfortunately vastly increases that risk.

We have always used the very best of titanium. But now we are also using the very best of threading too.

The comfort of your body jewelry should be high on your priority list, but your health should certainly be at the top. Using internally threaded jewellery with initial piercings greatly increases your chance of healing quickly and issue free. Internally threaded jewellery does cost a little more, but that is because it is more difficult to manufacture. It is more often made from greater quality materials and truly: when it really comes down to it, can you put a price on your health?