Our training doesn’t stop here! We are constantly trying to up our game by increasing our knowledge base. Undertaking regular training, which is neither required nor recommended by Local Health Authorities. (eg: blood borne pathogens training, sterilization management, first aid, infection control etc)

We have worked closely with the local council to promote the betterment of the local standard and with figures such as Ian Gray from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health on a national scale. Not to mention being the instigators to the founding of a national not for profit organisation called the UKAPP which is soely dedicated to safe piercing.

We have been approved and licensed by the local authorities since the day we opened. Our studio standards are so beyond what is required that our enviroment has been used by the council to demonstrate to junior inspectors the standards that can be achieved in a studio and of course as we should be; we are fully insured. For a safe and professional experience with help and support thought your healing look no further.

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