Magnet care



When you leave the studio you will have a dressing over the area. Flatter areas tend to just have a waterproof plaster. Most people are able to use their fingers again carefully after 2 days. (While still wearing the bandage)

Although there may be some tenderness.

Primary healing of the cut takes around a week. Try to keep the area clean and dry. It may be necessary to recover your dressing if it becomes loose of soiled.

After the initial week we recommend removing all dressings and thoroughly cleansing the whole site. Full healing and encapsulation takes about a month, and we suggest that you do not play with your magnet very much at all during this time. It will take about six months for the scar tissue to subside and for you to have the full sensitivity.

If you are at all concerned through your healing don’t hesitate to return to the studio.


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