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Off to UKAPP conference


Its that time of year again when we close for a few days to be part of the annual UKAPP conference

This is a professional piercing conference running since 2015 by the non-profit health and safety organisation 

As you may already know our senior piercier Nici is the founding member of this organisation, working towards higher industry standards across the UK

We will be closing early, 3pm on Saturday the 5th October and returning to regular opening hours on Thursday the 10th October


  Its been a while since we had a competition and we are looking to learn how to improve our services to you,    We are giving away 10 prizes…   including a FREE PIERCING service 3 pairs of NAGA Body Jewelry hand made plugs   To enter you need to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram,…


Ever year Nici heads off to Germany for a week to attend a piercing and modification conference in Germany. Subjects vary greatly from aseptic technique to lobe reconstruction and speakers come from around the world. Names like Sampa Von Cyborg, Elaine Angel and Steve Haworth regularly give lectures. As you can understand this is a fantastic opportunity. So this year…

I few months back, the lovely Mr Akeem Favor called by the shop after discovering our website was advertising scarification. He had a University paper to write and had chose the subject of body marking. This charming anthropologist won our hearts and we permitted him an interview.

You can read the short article here:

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