Association of Professional Piercers



proudmemeberThe APP has been around since 1994. Yet its existence is not as widely well known as it could be. Beginning as a political action group in California to address legislation concerns, it has grown to become a nonprofit  health and safety organization dedicated to the decimation of information regarding body piercing.


“During the first week of my apprenticeship which started in 1999 I was handed copy of the APP health and safety procedure manual.

It didn’t contain much looking back, but at the time it was gold dust. A bible. I must have read that worn copy cover to cover over a dozen times.

I knew back then that my future contained the APP. That I’d eventually run my own studio and be responsible for the decisions that would include APP membership” ¬†… Nici

To say we as a studio are happy to finally be a part of this educational forefront in piercing, is an understatement. But rest assured, this does not mean we will stop our strife for studio betterment. This only means the bar has been pushed higher. We will always evolve. Both as piercers and as a company






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