Do not twist or move your jewellery unnecessarily, it will not become stuck. Do not play with it.

  • Don’t use any products on it! no Surgical Spirits, TCP, Alcohol, Creams, Sprays. Only ever saline.

  • Leave the jewellery in until it is healed! Always wash your hands before maintaining your new piercing, do not constrict it with tight clothing.

All piercings go through three main stages of healing:

Basically: the bit where it swells up, the bit where it gets scabby and then the longest stage of all, the bit where you leave it alone for bloody ages!

(most folk think they’re healed after the scabby bit)

Generally most piercings only need cared for during the first two stages, known as the initial healing.

After bathing:

It is very important that you dry around your piercing thoroughly after showering, bathing, swimming etc. This helps prevent the growth of bacteria around the wound and can greatly reduce your need to use saline spray. Do this with something disposable, kitchen roll or a cotton swab.

Cleaning must be done carefully:

You don’t want to be moving the jewellery around too much, generally: bathing any piercing in warm salt water can only do good, however too much cleaning is also movement and therefore also not great. When you were pierced your piercer would have spelt out to you the frequency of cleaning and how long the initial healing lasts for. This is because we will discuss with you your lifestyle and activity level to come to an understanding of how frequently you will likely need to maintain your piercing as an individual.


The absolute best way to clean your new piercing is with a sterile saline spray in a fine mist. We stock a specifically designed aftercare that is both sterile and easy to use. We urge you to consider this product if you are travelling, struggle to heal wounds, exercise regularly, or simply have a busy lifestyle. Otherwise an alternative is home made solution (instructions below)

For an instructional video, from NeilMed, please follow here

We stock NeilMed Piercing aftercare fine mist 75ml for only £5 and 177ml for £10 and highly recommend it.

Used as a boost to healing, you can also make your own saline. however this is unreliable and difficult to maintain.

Using clean implements, take a 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt mixed into boiled water and allowed to cool to room temperature. Hold the whole piercing under the saline for 3/5 minutes.  An occasional maintenance clean needs to only last a minute or two. 

If you are having trouble healing a piercing, check out our troubleshooting guide or contact us

Ear piercings

3rookLobes heal quickly and need cleaned daily for an average of 10 days with saline to prevent infection, during the initial healing. Cartilage piercings heal much slower and require less cleaning daily but more care overall. Its best to carefully dry away and softened residue after a bath or shower and reserve saline soaks for more required moments. (Such as busier days, around illness, traveling, stress or exercise) Cartilage is more prone to irritation bumps during the healing than other places on the body. They do not respond well to contact. It’s important to not sleep on them until after your check up. Some irritation bumps respond well to warm compresses, if you are concerned call into the studio.

Oral piercings44444

Most swelling will be overnight. If you can sleep with your head elevated you can dramatically reduce this. It’s always advisable to use a new oral hygiene products and keep them apart from any others in your bathroom. As well as regular brushing you must maintain your oral health with a non alcoholic mouthwash or saline solution.
Keep pen tops, and fingernails out of your mouth throughout your initial healing, be mindful of smoking and clean your hands regularly.
Tongue piercings in particular often have an intensive initial few days. Its good to get into a routine, four times a day for the first four days: brush both teeth and tongue, rinse your mouth out, take two Arnika (or consult a pharmacist for other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories) and if needed two painkillers. Its a lot. But remember, if you can’t eat, you cant heal.

Surface Piercings2222333

Lying below the surface, not in one-side and out-the other, gives both advantages and disadvantages to every form of surface piercing. They benefit from a good saline soak occasionally but not a strict routine. Often swelling is minimal but can be restricted by the jewellery Arnika can be taken (or consult a pharmacist for other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories) if you are concerned. Limit any restrictive clothing and remember do not ‘tip’ your piercing to clean underneath!.
Surface Dermals in particular require a slow joining of fatty tissue, we recommend you keep them covered with the dressings provided until you feel fully healed. (with a little time daily to air).

Intimate Piercings

PrintSo long as you wear comfortable cotton clothing that is a comfy snug fit, your new piercing should be happy with just a warm shower each day and a saline soak when required. It will heal very quickly, much quicker than you’d expect. Minor bruising is possible and will pass in a few days, as will any swelling. Safe sex is especially important, but a normal sex life can begin again for most in a week or less.