Piercing Aftercare

There are a few golden aftercare rules to follow as your piercing heals:

  • Do not twist or move your jewellery unnecessarily, it will not become stuck. DO NOT PLAY WITH IT!
  • Don’t use any products on it! no Surgical Spirits, TCP, Alcohol, Creams, Sprays. Only ever saline.
  • Leave the jewellery in until it is healed! Always wash your hands before touching your new piercing, do not constrict it with tight clothing.

All piercings go through three main stages of healing:

Basically: the bit where it swells up, the bit where it gets scabby and then the longest stage of all, the bit where you leave it alone for bloody ages! (most folk think they’re healed after the scabby bit!)
Generally most piercings only need cared for during the first two stages, known as the initial healing.

Cleaning must be done carefully:

You don’t want to be moving the jewellery around too much, generally: bathing any piercing in warm salt water can only do good, however too much cleaning is also bad. When you were pierced your piercer would have spelt out to you the frequency of cleaning and how long the initial healing lasts for.


It is very important that you dry around your piercing thoroughly after showering, bathing, swimming etc. This helps prevent the growth of bacteria around the wound and can greatly reduce your need to use the saline soaks.

Saline soaks are the bee’s knees for any new piercing:

Using a level teaspoon of sea salt mixed into boiled water, allow to cool to room temperature. Then you have two options, you can either hold the whole piercing under the water or soak a cotton pad in the water and repeatedly hold firmly on the piercing. After the soak, rinse the area with lukewarm water to remove any salt crystals from your skin. An occasional maintenance clean needs to only last a minute or two. However a problematic piercing can be soaked a little longer, two or three times a day. If after three days your problem still persists, feel free to contact us.



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