Blue Lotus offers the largest selection of fine jewelry made from implant grade titanium, implant grade steel, gold, glass and organic materials from manufacturers such as Anatometal, BodyGems, NeoMetal, BVLA, Maya Jewelry, Diablo Organics, Gorilla Glass, and many more. 

We offer the cleanest settings, sterilization with autoclaves that are tested daily, and provide the best customer service to ensure your experience is unforgettable. All of our staff is certified annually for their Bloodborne Pathogen training. All of our piercers are members of The Association of Professional Piercers and the United Kingdom’s Association of Professional piercers.


There is so much more to piercing than simply creating a hole. Aside from the hygiene, infection control, sterilization and cleaning. There is knowledge, passion and a constant yearning to improve. Body piercing is your personal style displayed uniquely in adornment. Executed through clinical practices and aseptic technique. Combining with drive and passion.