Established in 2009 Piercing exclusively with implant grade titanium jewellery.

Our emphasis is on quality and customer care. Typically we have two full time piercers. Our senior piercer, Nici Holmes has over 15 years dedicated experience in the piercing industry and is a pioneer to holistic body piercing. Sebastian Pickersgill has been training by Nici's side since 2012 and is dedicated to the betterment of the industry. both are regularly attending classes on technique and safety. Both expect and provide the best.


Internal & External threading

If you don’t already know that internally threaded jewelry is the best choice for your initial piercing you’ve possibly had your head buried in the sand or been on a long holiday to the moon. Big organizations like the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) and companies like Industrial Strength shout about it all the time because they take great pride…

Another point of view

I few months back, the lovely Mr Akeem Favor called by the shop after discovering our website was advertising scarification. He had a University paper to write and had chose the subject of body marking. This charming anthropologist won our hearts and we permitted him an interview. You can read the short article here:


Nici will be away from the studio!

Just to let you all know I (Nici) will be away from the studio from Wednesday the 1st October and back to work on Wednesday the 8th. But have no fear, for Seb will still be here and when I return I will be full of the joys of Germany top pierce you all again! Hopefully bringing new piercing wisdom…


Our age restrictions

With the summer holidays upon us and a break from school, many students and parents alike are looking to get their own, or their children’s ears, nose or [insert here] pierced. However, many are faced with conflicting information regarding the age at which the law and body piercing establishments allow minors to be pierced. Unfortunately, this is very much STILL…


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